Silver Belle Farms My Lucky Stars
AMHA - Pending
AMHR - Pending
DOB: 04/21/12

Sire: Sunwood Jumpin Jack Flash
Dam: Moss Grove Mini Brooks Blue Moon

Very refined, long legged black filly with a blaze. Star should mature approximately 32 inches.

Double A Litle Joy
AMHA A 39565
AMHR 259352A (Silver Belle Farms Little Joy)
DOB: 06/16/1991

Joy is a 32" silver bay mare, Little Kings Blackberry x Little Whinny Farms Angel. Joy is a super mom, foals by herself and always produces an outstanding foal each year.

Rocking DS Fantasia
AMHA A 132713
AMHR 225097A
DOB: 04/18/2002

Fannie is a 32" dun pinto with sabino gene, Peaceable Kingdoms Little Spanky x Jefferson Halls Fancy Me. Fannie is a striking mare, consistently producing show quality offspring. Fannie has been shown in halter and showmanship at AMHA shows acquiring ribbons.

Hidden Meadows Sugar Plum
AMHA A35154
AMHR 31592A
DOB: 03/02/1990

Sugar is a 32" golden palomino mare, Shadow Oaks Golden Nugget x Komokos Due Be Due. Sugar is a wonderful mother, easy foaler. Sugar has a mane that drags the ground! We are also lucky to have one of her daughters, Mini Go Rounds Blonde Sensation.

3 DS Splash of Mickey
AMHA A 100327
AMHR 259353A (Silver Belle Farm Splash of Mickey)
DOB: 03/15/1998

Splash is a 34" sorrel pinto mare, Deiles A & JS Toy Boy x 3 DS Splash of Daisys. Splash is a granddaughter of Wittmaaks Mickey Mouse. She has produced some outstanding foals for us!

Cross Country Mountain Shadow
AMHA A 35088
AMHR 21292A
DOB: 04/16/1990

Shadow is a 33" Brown roan with a blaze. Fishers Jim Dandy x Cross Countrys Mountain Girl. Shadow was an AMHR National Champion Filly & Reserve Grand Champ Jr. Mare as a weanling and dam of champion mare Cross Country Reach for the Stars.

Mini Go Rounds Blonde Sensation
AMHA A 148027
AMHR 240490A
DOB: 05/15/2003

Blondie is a 33.5" palomino pinto mare, Flying A Chiantis Different Drummer x Hidden Meadows Sugar Plum. Blondie is a very sweet mare. She is blind in her right eye due to an injury at birth but her handicap does not affect her in any way.

Lynncliffs Her Royal Court
AMHA A 150690
AMHR 289813A (Silver Belle Farms Miss Daisy)
DOB: 04/10/2004

Daisy is a 29.5" bay filly. Solid Gold Tender Rhythm x Roys Toys Dutch Treat. Daisy is a striking tiny bay filly with huge potential for producing buckskins.

Cadle Creeks Buckeroo Lady
AMHA A 151016
AMHR 251793A
DOB: 04/06/2004

Lady is a 33.5" silver bay mare, Little Kings Buckeroo Romeo x Canterberrys Sea Mist. Lady is a gorgeous Boones Little Buckeroo granddaughter who really carries the "Show Me!" attitude and places it on her foals. She has a trot to die for and legs, legs, legs!

Moss Grove Mini Brooks Blue Moon
AMHA A166789
AMHR 282097A (Silver Belle Farms Blue Moon)
DOB: 05/20/2005

Mooney is a 33" true blue roan filly, Hobby Horses Apache King x Dell Teras Eternal Flame. Mooney is out of a loud leopard appy sire and a blue roan mare.

Gum Branch Jokers Jewel
AMHA A 168381
AMHR 282101A (Silver Belle Farms Jokers Jewell)
DOB: 04/04/2006

Ruby is a tiny 26.5" sorrel filly, RFM Best Bets Jokers R Wild (Pinto Reserve World Champion, AMHR Champion of Champions, and AMHA National Top Ten) x Mountain Mist Cinnamon and Spice. Ruby is our little jewel, thus her barn name of Ruby. We take Ruby to all the parades, social events, vacation Bible schools, etc. Ruby loves people and people just LOVE Ruby.

Silver Belle Farms Miss Kitty
Galloping G All That Glows x Styles Rocky Creek's Goldie Girl
AMHR 290182T
DOB: 4/25/08

Chestnut with star. Height at birth: 20"

Silver Belle Farms Spoil Me Rotten
AMHA A195516
AMHR 299786T
DOB: 05/16/09

Cupcake is a true blue roan filly from our cremello stallion (Ghost) and our blue roan mare (Blue Moon). She was 21” at birth. Very well put together little filly.

Silver Belle Farms Little Pearl
AMHA A195515
AMHR 299790T
DOB: 06/22/09

Little Pearl is a perlino filly that is very refined. We had a 2% chance of getting a perlino from crossing our smoky black stallion (Jack) with our dunalino mare (Fantasia) and we were so pleased to get her! Pearl was 19.5” at birth with two blue eyes!

Silver Belle Farms Princess Kate
AMHA A 206980
AMHR 331834T
DOB: 04/29/11

Princess is a tiny, refined solid black filly out of our red pinto mare Splash of Mickey and a 26.75" black and white pinto stallion, Peacemaker'sToy Boy. We are looking forward to adding her to our show string in 2012.