Welcome to Silver Belle Farms
Miniature Horses and Donkeys.

Silver Belle Farms is a small, family-oriented farm located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC. Our goal is to produce excellent quality stock that will be an asset to anyone, whether it is a show home or simply a pet. We concentrate our breeding program on dilutes and double dilutes from the Gold Melody Boy line. All of our stallions trace back to Gold Melody Boy, most to Boones Little Buckeroo and Little Kings White Russian. We strive to produce golden palominos, buckskins, smoky black, and cremello horses with ultra refined conformation.

All of our stallions and broodmares are registered as AMHA, AMHR or both.

Sunwood Jumpin Jack Flash (smoky black, 31.50") and Pegasus Farms PC Shadow Moon (zebra dun 27.75") are our senior stallions. All of these stallions can be seen on our stallion page in more detail.

Our mares have come from far and wide to form a prestigious gene pool for us to breed to. Their pedigrees include such famous names as Boones Little Buckeroo, Fishers Jim Dandy, Rowdy, Wittmaaks Mickey Mouse to name but a few. All our breeding mares are chosen for outstanding conformation, breeding soundness, temperament and contributions to the dilute colors we breed for. We believe that pairing the best stallion to the best mare will ultimately result in a foal that is bred to the highest of standards and is something to strive for and be proud of. Several of our previous foals are now on show strings across the country.

Come and experience the miracle of witnessing the birth of a new foal! We have live Internet Streaming of our foals being born every year and this can be accessed by clicking here

PLEASE NOTE: The webcam is "Seasonal" which usually operates February thru June, dependant on expectant foaling dates of our mares for that year.

NOTICE: Any and all video content you view on our web/barn cam(s) is copyrighted, so please be sure you ask for and receive written permission before posting any videos or portions thereof. To ask permission, please email us.

If you have an interest in any of the foals that you see born here, please feel free to contact us.